We are a fitness training facility situated in a house at the bottom of Paarl Mountain. We are not a conventional gym.  It is a private training facility.Working for 12 years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, training hundreds of different people, seeing trends come and go, going forwards and backwards with my own beliefs, doing loads of workshops, courses and conferences, I ended up (at this current stage of my career) with a very sort of grey ‘outlook’ on fitness and wellness. Unfortunately, there is NO one type of training concept that is going to work for EVERYONE.  We are all unique individuals.  We all change and grow. We like possibilities and options.

We will guide you but we want you to choose.  We see each client as an individual.  We want you to do what works for you. We want your choice to be sustainable for you.  We believe it is a long-term journey. We believe in balance – doing a variety of exercise, eating a variety of nutritious foods, have me-time, be social and do stuff you love.

We Love challenges! but we want our muscles, joints, and tissue to be healthy. You have to listen to your body.  We love good pain. To challenge your body is great but if you tired you need rest.

Most important – if you decide to join – we have one commitment for you – and that is to pitch for what you sign-up. You might not feel awesome yet – but we make it our priority to guide you in the right direction to be and feel your greatness.

So we invite you to partner with us – we will take baby steps with you for a fitter and better quality sustainable life… [READ MORE]