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Who We Are

Born in Penang, Malaysia, she loves drawing from a young age, but being a bright student, she was not encouraged to follow her heart in the arts. Well travelled and living in Asia, Europe and South Africa, she is now retired and devotes her time to drawing and painting. A reserved and private person, she works alone in her home studio.

Largely self-taught, attending workshops and learning from books & other artists; she is competent in several mediums, from charcoal, pastel, water colour to acrylic & oils; painting on paper, canvas, board & wood panels. She also does pottery and calligraphy.

Influenced by the old Masters like Caravaggio, Rembrandt, da Vinci, Vermeer; she paints in classical style with a touch of impressionism. She has a special talent for figures and portraits but likes still life and landscape.

My aim is to bring happiness into every one’s life. Art should evoke an emotion…feelings of joy, passion, remembrance, any feeling…except apathy. Art is for everyone


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Our Work