Thinking about losing some weight? You probably don’t want the result of all that denial and hard work to be just weight loss. We want to feel good, look good, and have a great sex drive; we want to have energy, great skin and hair, a strong immune system, a positive outlook and zest for life. Think long term, and focus on a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. Empower yourself and get nutrition savvy once and for all!

Losing weight in itself is pretty simple: eat less, and move more – the law of thermodynamics always applies! There really isn’t any magic to it. Whether low carb, low fat, vegan, liquid or detox, whether you have six meals a day or just one, all weight loss diets basically work in the same way – to reduce your overall calorie intake.

Ideally we would like to lose fat and maintain lean body mass as much as possible, and this requires a specific macronutrient ratio, coupled with some resistance exercise. The right ratios of nutrients, and not food per se, are what we should be looking at. It’s my belief that the body looks for nutrients, and not calories, in order to function optimally.

If it is this simple, why is obesity a rising epi-demic of mass proportions?

Firstly, we don’t always eat because of ‘hunger’; there can be emotional issues we might need to address. However, this article is really about the nutritional component. This is the part of the equation we can take responsibility for and change almost immediately. Our food today is loaded with chemicals, hormones and additives and is processed using methods that in short not only alter our body chemistry but our taste buds, so we eat and eat and eat! Some foods and substances, like sugar, are also highly addictive, which then affects our endocrine system, brain and body chemistry, and floods the body with chemicals that it really doesn’t know what to do with.

Your entire body is made from the food you eat and the water you drink. The human body is roughly 63% water, 22% protein, 13% fat, and 2% minerals and vitamins. Eating the highest quality food in the right quantity helps you to achieve your optimal potential for health, weight control and vitality.

This is a holistic approach in terms of nutrition and lifestyle; I strongly believe that a healthy, self-regulating body is naturally slim!

The process starts by identifying toxins in the body, and in the foods you consume daily, that inhibit the results you are looking for. For example, you may suffer from water retention, have uncontrollable cravings, feel lethargic and depressed, or have allergies and intolerances to food; you could be lacking zest for life, and need stimulants and sugar to get you through the day. These are all clear signs that the body is out of balance.

The next step is to cleanse the body of these toxins, supporting it with cutting-edge nutrition and supplements that create the best possible environment to ‘lean’ the body through the correct nutritional and exercise regime.

The more natural, fresh and whole your food is the better it is for you, not only for your waistline, but also for your overall health and wellness. The cleaner you eat, the leaner you’ll be, but remember the law of thermodynamics and make sure you create a calorie deficit. The fact is that when we eat food in its natural state, or whole foods, we automatically eat less because these foods are less calorie dense than refined foods. Think lean proteins, fruit, an abundance of vegetables, some whole grains and essential fats, and you won’t go wrong.

Looking good is within easy reach, however time-stressed and overworked you are. It really isn’t that complicated! You don’t have to starve, you don’t have to drink broccoli juice or spend endless hours on a treadmill. Equip yourself with the best knowledge and tools, and you can’t go wrong. When we understand the basics, commit to follow through and keep it simple, results can be achieved in record time! Take a look at my four-week plan.

Organic, unadulterated whole foods formed the basis of the human diet through the ages. Only in the 20th century did we begin to pollute our food and our environment with countless man-made chemicals.
One foundation of health is to eat foods that provide exactly the amount of energy required to keep the body in perfect balance. A good deal of energy is wasted trying to disarm alien and often toxic chemicals, some of which cannot be eliminated and accumulate in body tissue. It is now impossible to avoid all such substances, as there is nowhere on this planet that is not contaminated in some way through the by-products of our modern chemical age.

Something you can do is avoid food that is not organically produced. If this isn’t possible, at least make sure that all the animal products you eat, including chicken, meat and dairy, are hormone free. Half your diet should comprise raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, the rest coming from lean, hormone-free protein sources and some whole grains.


Balance your blood sugar levels – stay away from stimulants and sugar.
Eat food in its natural, whole state. Avoid over-processed food. Your body doesn’t know what to do with it – keep it clean and lean all the way.
After 3 pm make veggies your carbs – have oatmeal, rye bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruit and quinoa early in the day, and salads and steamed vegetables later on.
Eat good fat, especially omega-3-rich foods.
Keep your dinner lean, with protein and greens.
Always eat balanced snacks and meals. Eating wholesome carbs, protein and fat at every meal keeps your blood sugar levels from spiking and crashing. This controls energy levels and keeps cravings at bay.
Eat and drink food for the soul – in moderation.
Drink water – stay away from chemical artificial drinks.
Get plenty of sleep – 7 – 8 hours at least!
Focus on resistance training 3 – 4 times a week, and don’t forget that walking is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise.
My 4-week plan at a glance

Three healthy meals a day, plus one snack
One cup of organic coffee or tea a day
Up to 3 cups of green tea a day
At least 2.5 litres of still, filtered water a day
No alcohol or fizzy drinks
A minimum of 20 minutes of exercise a day
Spirulina – I swear by it. It’s a vital supplement
Omega-3 essential fatty acids
A calcium, magnesium and zinc combination formula

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